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Sobre a empresa:

W. L. Gore & Associates has made its name by creating innovative, technology-driven solutions. The company’s 50-year history of innovation extends from surgical implants to the first waterproof, breathable fabric and from guitar strings to electronic cables used in space exploration. Today the company provides thousands of products for diverse businesses in consumer, industrial, electronic, medical and surgical markets. Where you find a Gore product—even in the most challenging applications or environments—you’ll find a steadfast commitment to performance and reliability. Gore’s unique, team-based structure is perhaps as well-known as its innovative products. The company’s emphasis on direct communication, minimal barriers to creativity and sound decision making has proved to be good business. By design, Gore’s work environment encourages inventive thinking—the kind of inventive thinking that has generated thousands of valuable products and solutions. And because it encourages individual initiative and innovation, the company’s corporate culture fosters both associate satisfaction and product success. A privately held enterprise whose annual sales approach $2 billion, Gore today claims a manufacturing or sales presencGore is divided into four divisions: Fabrics, Medical Products (MPD), Eletronic Products (EPD) and Industrial Products (IPD). The products of Gore can be located in Industrial segments such as: Environment, Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical Processing, Computer/Telecommunications/Electronics, Energy, Healthcare/Medical, Industrial Manufacturing, Military/Safety, Textiles.e in more than 80 countries and employs more than 8,000 associates around the world. Gore doesn’t have a traditional hierarchy. Its organizational structure is horizontal, without titles or positions, thus helping to eliminate barriers of creativity among associates. Due to its policy of work, Gore is on the list of the top 100 best companies in which to work in the United States.

Atividades que serão executadas:


  • Suporte ao processo de classificação contábil dos Pedidos de Compras

  • Suporte no recebimento e contabilização de notas fiscais de compras no Contas a Pagar

  • Suporte para cálculo e contabilização de impostos retidos referente a compra de serviços

  • Suporte no registro de informações bancárias/boleto de pagamento no Contas a Pagar, para pagamento de fornecedores

  • Suporte no registro de pagamentos a serem efetuados no sistema de pagamento do Banco

  • Suporte para registrar as Notas Fiscais de compra de serviços, no site da Prefeitura

  • Suporte no arquivamento das Notas Fiscais eletrônica

  • Suporte para realização das Conciliações Contábeis

  • Suporte para o time Financeiro



  • Inglês: A partir de Avançado;

  • Curso: Administração, Ciências Contábeis;

  • Conclusão:  entre  Dezembro/2017  e  Dezembro/2018;

  • Disponibilidade: 30 horas semanais.



  • Remuneração: R$1.460,00;

  • Vale Transporte;

  • Assistência Médica;

  • Vale Refeição (Valor mensal: 727,32);

  • Seguro de Vida.

Etapas do processo seletivo:


  • Inscrição;

  • Avaliação Cia de Talentos;

  • Avaliação com W.L. Gore.

Local: São Paulo-SP.

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