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Sobre a empresa:

With around 21,000 employees, active in 50 countries, our specialism in energy and telecoms puts us at the heart of so many industries,
everyday products and experiences.Our cables form the infrastructure people need to make things happen, from power distribution, to the latest internet optic fibres, we help communities get what they need to thrive.

Sobre o Programa:

Build the Future is our successful long-term international graduate program.


We are Prysmian Group, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of cables. With manufacturing facilities in over 50 countries, progress is the driving force of our business. We use cutting-edge technology to make the leap from imagination to reality.


Our people don’t just react to today, they shape the future. This is your chance to be one of them: build your talent!


Join us and you will have:


  • permanent contract with highly competitive salary;

  • induction training in our HQ delivered in partnership with a Top school of Management;

  • job rotation in R&D, Operations and Sales;

  • warm up period in your home country for the upcoming international assignment role;

  • two years of International Assignment within a multicultural environment;

  • technical or junior managerial appointment after your two years of experience;

  • mentorship program.


Just imagine the possibilities…. Do you see cables, or opportunity?


We’re searching for graduates keen to pursue a business management or technical career.


To apply for the program, you’ll need a Degree in one of the following fields:


  • Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics or be currently working towards one;

  • Business Administration, Economics or Finance or be currently working towards one.


We also expect you to:


  • have had an outstanding university career, with experience abroad;

  • have graduated not more than 18 months ago;

  • be able to speak fluent English (a second language is preferential title).

  • be willing and ready to live overseas for 2 years, experiencing new cultures and work environments;

  • demonstrate strong communication skills and interpersonal skills.

Inscrições até: 31/12/17.


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