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Trainee Red Bull abre vagas para São Paulo e exige inglês avançado

Red Bull has been giving wings to people and ideas since 1987, and this drives us in everything we do. Currently, Red Bull operates in over 170 countries, growing and selling over 7.9 billion cans annually! Above all, our people remain the essential ingredient in bringing the Red Bull brand to life, and becoming the world's number one energy drink is a journey of passion and hard work. It's about asking ourselves every day: how can we do better? The program emphasizes individual uniqueness and aims to bring out the best in each participant by providing opportunities to showcase capabilities and pursue personal potential. Graduates are entrusted with significant roles carrying real responsibilities and the chance to influence their future within Red Bull. The Graduate Programme is tailored to individual goals, ensuring a learning experience that accelerates personal and professional growth.


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  • Education & experience: You will have already graduated or will graduate with a Bachelor's degree by December 2023. You have a track record of pursuing personal passions and have gained valuable work experience through internships or beyond;

  • Languages: You're fluent in English & Portuguese. Additional languages are considered an asset;

  • Chacacteristics: You're open and communicative person that embraces big challenges and focuses on delivering results. You are ambitious, proactive and have a gogetter mentaliy towards owning important projects and driving your own development;

  • Location: São Paulo.

Recomendação para você se destacar no processo seletivo: Veja os melhores cursos hard skills e soft skills que fazem sentido para a sua área de atuação e procure se desenvolver. Com isso você terá mais chances no processo seletivo.



  • Sales;

  • Human Resources;

  • Operations;

  • Marketing;

  • Finance.


Want in? Here's the deal:

  1. Apply Online;

  2. Show us your passion;

  3. Meet us;

  4. Tell us more;

  5. Get your wiiings;

  6. Take off.


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